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Billie B Brown

Meet Billie B Brown! She's brave, brilliant and bold, and she has sold 1 million copies!

Billie B Brown is an innovative early reader fiction series for children, primarily girls, aged 5-7, who are just beginning to read on their own. The Billie B Brown books don’t patronise readers but aim to delight and foster a love of reading from an early age.  Australian parents looking for a way to bridge the reading worlds of picture books and fiction have learnt to rely on this series - Billie is there to help kids step into reading!

‘Who could have dreamed that these little books would take off the way they have? Certainly not me! To all the supporters of this series, whoever you are, I could never thank you enough.’ Sally Rippin, Billie B Brown Author.

Publisher Hilary Rogers says, 'That the Billie B Brown books have been so wholeheartedly supported by booksellers around the country is a vindication of the vibrancy of Australian children's publishing. These wonderful books were commissioned, written, designed and printed by a fabulous creative team of locals (and the iconic illustrations were done by amazing up-and-comer Aki Fukuoka, who is a New Zealander). Working on the Billie books is an ongoing pleasure for everyone at Hardie Grant Egmont.'

Managing Director Natasha Besliev says, ‘One million copies sold is an amazing achievement. It’s especially extraordinary for our current market. The future book readers of Australia are showing us week after week that their appetite for quality local content is great, and our local book publishers and retailers are playing a crucial role in maintaining this important cultural legacy for the future generations of readers.’


To learn more about the books, play some fantastic games, and spend some time with Billie B Brown, click here!

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