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The team from Hardie Grant Egmont are delighted to announce that The Swap, from their Little Hare imprint, has been awarded the CBCA Early Childhood Book of the Year at this afternoon’s annual event in Canberra.  Banjo and Ruby Red, also a Little Hare title, has taken home the Honour Book Award for the same category.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to receive this news today,” said Natasha Besliev, Managing Director of Hardie Grant Egmont. “I am so proud of our team who work really hard with our talented authors and illustrators to create beautiful stories for Australian children. To receive these high recognitions from the CBCA is truly gratifying.”

Written by the late Jan Ormerod and illustrated by Andrew Joyner, The Swap is a heart warming story about the jealousy a child feels when a new sibling joins the family, a situation many families will find familiar. “The Swap is a very special book to me, so I’m delighted that it’s received this recognition,” said The Swap’s illustrator, Andrew Joyner. “Although in many ways, I felt like I’d already received a prize simply by being asked to illustrate one of Jan’s books. I never met Jan, but I’ve always admired her work, and the fact that she wanted me to illustrate one of her books – well, it meant a lot.  I hope I was able to bring some of her warmth and grace and joy to the little world we made in The Swap.”

 “I can think of nothing more fitting for Jan Ormerod’s legacy than for The Swap to have won this award,” said Margrete Lamond, Little Hare Publisher. “With Andrew Joyner’s warm, witty, insightful and inspired illustrations, both book and award are the perfect encore to a brilliant career, and I’m so very delighted for Andrew, for Jan, and for Jan’s family.”

Banjo and Ruby Red, which today took home the Honour Award, is the result of another successful collaboration between industry darlings Libby Gleeson and Freya Blackwood, who themselves are no strangers to the CBCA awards. As a pair they have been shortlisted for the prestigious award twice before for their picture books Clancy and Millie and the Very Fine House in 2010 and Look, a Book! in 2012.  They took home the Book of the Year Award in 2007 for Amy and Louis. They both have been nominated independently several other times and continue to set the benchmark for children’s picture books, both in Australia and internationally.

Margrete Lamond said “Libby and Freya seem to bring each other’s work to life and Banjo and Ruby Red is no exception. It is wonderful to see these two honoured once again for another quirky, unique and heart-warming book.”

Libby and Freya’s next picture book, Go To Sleep, Jessie!, a beautiful story about Libby’s own children, will be available from October 2014.

For all media enquiries, please contact Kate Brown katebrown@hardiegrant.com.au


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Lucy Yang is loving her first television job in Hong Kong. She works hard and plays hard, and she doesn’t have time for a relationship if she wants to become a TV news anchor by the time she’s twenty-one. Besides, what man could live up to her impossibly high standards? Then she meets Byron, and her world is turned upside-down. Funny, clever and impossibly gorgeous, Byron might just satisfy all of Lucy’s criteria. Sure, he’s a little cagey about his job, but what businessman in Hong Kong doesn’t want to protect trade secrets? But as Lucy desperately tries to get to the bottom of a potentially huge news story, Byron keeps popping up in the most unlikely places. Is it just a coincidence? Or is Lucy’s perfect man not so perfect after all?  > Find out more

Fireman Sam To The Rescue!

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David Sinden, Niklas Catlow, Matt Morgan

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The Funny Fingers are an oddball family of digits who find fun and humour in everything around them. Even when their miserable neighbours, the Terrible Toes, try to spoil their happiness, the Funny Fingers manage to turn a mishap into an exciting adventure.  > Find out more


Libby Hathorn

RRP: $24.95

Like the garden it portrays, Outside is a Baroque wonderland waiting to be explored, a shimmery place of texture, luminosity and colour where time stands still and memories are born. Two internationally acclaimed creators—author Libby Hathorn and artist Ritva Voutila—have coupled their dazzling imaginative powers to capture the wonder of childhood in this homage to the magic of a garden.  > Find out more

Transformers 30th Anniversary Gift Set


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Thirty years ago, Optimus Prime and Megatron battled it out in the first ever four-issue, limited edition series Transformers comic books. Relive the classic battles in this anniversary edition box set.  > Find out more

Disney Vintage: Pinocchio

RRP: $19.95

When Geppetto awoke one morning to find Pinocchio, his merry-faced little puppet, had been brought to life, he couldn’t have been happier. For Pinocchio, however, he was still a puppet, and more than anything he wanted to become a real boy. But for this wish to come true, he would have to prove himself to be brave, truthful and unselfish – not such an easy task, even with his conscience Jiminy Cricket to help him.   > Find out more

Baby Says... No!

Coburn, Alisa

RRP: $12.95

No to lunch. No to a hat. No to hugs… Can Baby really say NO to everything today?  > Find out more

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