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Maudie And Bear

Ormerod, J/Blackwood F
Title: Maudie And Bear
Author: Ormerod, J/Blackwood F
Category: Kids
ISBN: 9781921541407
Dimensions: 231 x 279 mm
Price: $29.95
Imprint: Little Hare
Format: Hardback
Publication Date: 01 Oct 2010

Maudie tests love to its limits, and Bear passes the test every time. Maudie's world revolves around Maudie. Bear's world also revolves around Maudie-he is as patient and solid as a rock. Maudie is so confident of Bear's love that she makes demands, throws tantrums, lays down rules and lets Bear do all the work, knowing he will love her unconditionally. And he does … right to the end.