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Snark Handbook: Sex Edition

Title: Snark Handbook: Sex Edition
Category: Humour
ISBN: 9781742702506
Page numbers: 192
Dimensions: 185 x 129 mm
Price: $19.95
Imprint: Hardie Grant Local Buy Ins
Format: Hardback
Publication Date: 01 Dec 2011

There's a fine line between sex and snark-and we're going to exploit it for all it's worth. Think Plato and Platypus Walk Into a Bar meets The Surrender. Now Dorfman draws on his vast experiences (based mostly on a stack of old Penthouses) to give us a titillating commentary on everyone's favourite subject: sex, or the lack thereof. If The New Yorker.com said, "I'm not sure why I even opened The Snark Handbook: Insult Edition, but I'm very glad I did, because Lawrence Dorfman has assembled aheroic collection. I spent an hour in a state of catharsis, reveling in the sufficiency of the insults," just imagine the reviewer's state after an hour reading the Sex Edition! Here are sharply witty personal observations, jokes, quotations, he-said-she-said snarks, and much much more.