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Australian Standard Of Employment Rights

Joellen Riley
Title: Australian Standard Of Employment Rights
Author: Joellen Riley
Category: Non Fiction
ISBN: 9781740668002
Page numbers: 260
Dimensions: 197 x 130
Price: $29.95
Imprint: Hardie Grant Books
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01 Jul 2009

Following the publication in September 2007 of the Australian Charter of Employment Rights, this companion volume takes the policy into the workplace. The Australian Standard of Employment Rights is a how-to book for employers and employees and their representatives. It shows them how to implement the Charter in the workplace. This practical guide is applicable to all workplaces regardless of their size or sector. The Charter and the Standard of Employment Rights are the initiative of the Australian Institute of Employment Rights, an independent tri-partite body representing employers, employees and the public interest.