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Book of the Month  

The latest offering from celebrated Melbourne design guru Beci Orpin, Make & Do is filled with inspiration and crafty ideas, along with projects
designed by Beci, focusing on creating objects from different raw materials such as fabric, paper and wood. Get inspired in time for the holidays!


New Releases

Gelato Messina The Creative Department

Nick Palumbo

RRP: $55.00

Gelato Messina: The Creative Department provides detailed instructions for creating Gelato Messina's most famous and elaborate gelato cakes—from Dr Evil's Magic Mushroom to Gelato Messina's very own take on the classic hamburger: The Royale with Cheese, made from chocolate gelati with passionfruit mustard, raspberry ketchup, white chocolate cheese, all served in a brioche bun. There is a whole chapter dedicated to weird and wonderful soft-serves and recipes for how to make your very own gelati monoportions—yes, it's fun to share, but it's even more fun to have a whole cake to yourself!  > Find out more

Green Nomads

Bob Brown

RRP: $45.00

Green Nomads is a celebration of Australia’s wilderness areas, and we surely have something to celebrate. The landscape and close-up photographs of Australia's natural landscape are etherial yet familiar, calming yet powerful. Paired with Bob Brown's personal and insightful anecdotes, there is no doubt that this book will appeal to travellers, tourists, conservationists and all those that enjoy the wilderness.  > Find out more

The Champagne Guide 2016-2017

Tyson Stelzer

RRP: $45.00

A fully-updated edition of the internationally acclaimed The Champagne Guide, by the winner of the 2011 Louis Roederer International Champagne Writer of the Year Award for the 2011-2012 edition. The book contains fully independent assessments, with profiles and ratings, of over 100 champagne producers—from the smallest growers to the largest houses. The wines have all been reviewed based on current tastings and the notes are accompanied by full colour bottle images.  > Find out more

Women in this Town

Giuseppe Santamaria

RRP: $29.95

In his follow-up to Men in this Town, photographer, art director and blogger Giuseppe Santamaria brings together a unique photographic collection showcasing the styles of the modern woman on the streets of Melbourne, London, Hong Kong, Paris, Madrid, LA, and New York.   > Find out more


Cindy Crawford

RRP: $85.00

International supermodel Cindy Crawford presents her own personal visual autobiography, the first book to chronicle her life and career, featuring some of her most memorable images. Crawford began modeling as a teenager, first shot by Arthur Elgort, followed quickly with a Vogue cover shot by Avedon. She was the cornerstone of the Golden Age of the Supermodel in the 1990s, and the first supermodel with a distinctive personality and "voice," and blazed a trail in the '90s, seamlessly moving between the runway to other unconventional outlets.   > Find out more

Food Safari Fire

Maeve O'Meara


From the phenomenally successful Food Safari series comes the perfect book for anyone who loves to grill, BBQ and cook from around the world. Tied into the new Food Safari television series to air in January 2016, Food Safari Fire is the perfect gift for the food lover in the house. Featuring the inventive ways people from all over the world cook with fire, Maeve O'Meara invites you on a journey to meet cooks from Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.  > Find out more

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