Gabriel Gaté

Gabriel Gaté is a French-trained chef with an international reputation as an author, television presenter and cookery teacher. Born in the Loire Valley of France, where his father grew all the family’s fruit and vegetables and made wine from the small family vineyard, Gabriel learned the joys of cooking from his maternal grandmother, who was an excellent cook. As a young chef, Gabriel learned to cook from some of the finest French chefs before leaving France with his Australian-born wife, Angie. In recent years he has returned to writing about his homeland, France and the food he grew up with. He is the author of 22 cookbooks, including 100 Best Cakes and Desserts and Taste Le Tour. Gabriel travels to France every year to make a television cooking and travel series which screens during the Tour de France on Australian national television. As well he often takes groups on gastronomic tours of France.  

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Books by Gabriel Gaté